Why Restaurants Need Digital Marketing More Than Ever and the Strategies That Work

Even if It’s 2020, almost half of the small businesses (including restaurants) still have no sign of presence on the internet. If you’re one of these businesses, it is imperative that you take action immediately to have a strong digital footprint. With 75% of smartphone users researching for restaurants to eat online while on the go, ignoring this is detrimental to your business. The websites that stand out are usually influenced by the number of reviews, location, and price point. Digital Marketing may just be the key to getting a bigger share of the pie with all the digital customers that abound.

No other medium has a more powerful ability to attract new customers than your website. First, it’s important to design and develop a website which invites and informs customers. Next, it’s imperative to expose your site to as many potential customers as possible and keep the most valued of those connected to your business. This is where digital marketing comes in. Mobile is (almost) everything, so we need to embrace it. Our vast experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media – specifically as it pertains to Hospitality – is a game-changer for your brand. We are highly experienced in creating social and digital campaigns on Instagram, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Our in-house team will manage all facets of your Social Media campaigns and goals. For more information, you can check what we do at erestaurantconsulting.ca

Now that you know what digital marketing is and how it is important, we’ll now dissect the effective strategies on how to do digital marketing in aiming the results you want.  


Also called SEO, it is the process of making your website rank high above their search engine results ultimately in the first page. It is not as easy as it sounds as there are a lot of items to tick off and it all begins with your choice of the keywords you think people would associate with your establishment. You have to think locally too as most people would be searching within your city or state.  Creating a blog or other content that contains your keywords helps. But make sure the content is fresh and actually useful and shareable to your readers, otherwise you are just bloating up your website


Social media presence these days is no longer limited to promotions; it’s now the new customer service and a channel to directly communicate with your customers and the immediate community. If your place still does not have social media, you’re missing out on this opportunity for your brand to express your personality to the world! Restaurants usually post images of their specials, limited offers or events, spice up your content line up by being more authentic and personal. Show the behind the scenes, introduce your staff, integrate video! Also don’t be afraid to receive and ask for feedback from your audience. Reply to tier comments! Engagement is key!

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