Restaurant Food and Beverage Concept Development

EP Restaurant Group is an established boutique F&B concept development consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario. Our team of passionate and experienced hospitality entrepreneurs assists restaurant operators, investors, hospitality management companies, hotels and other consultants with their operational setup, concept development, kitchen design, feasibility study, implementation or restructuring of their operations and business venture. 

Whether you have a concept in mind or will be starting from scratch, we will work with you to create a fresh concept that suits you. Based on your ambitions and financial means, we will design a concept that has great potential in the market, focusing on key factors such as cuisine, price point, a Restaurant Concept Development target clientele.

We source and deliver creative, sustainable and workable food and beverage solutions for management teams and owners; solutions that can increase food and beverage revenues, decrease expenses and can set you up to help expand your restaurant business in the future.

Restaurant or bar concepts don’t create or develop themselves. There is a methodology behind this process that will help you eliminate mistakes and bad practices. EPRG will do their due diligence from food and beverage direction, actual restaurant concept and design to ensuring that your investment is sustainable and makes financial sense.

Feasibility Study

Complete in-depth market analysis on your site. These studies also include market segmentation and market spending analysis. It also includes location viability (landscape of location, notable competition, competitive differentiation, key design elements, SWOT), Technical Viability (engineering & design, floor space analysis), Business Viability (trends, risk assessments, day-to-day challenges), and Financial Viability (average start-up cost analysis + desirable KPI’s based on concept).

Concept Summarization

Complete summarization of concept, development of core statements (value + vision + mission + culture), architectural attributes and budget analysis, production attributes (complete listing of core equipment & pricing), and menu design attributes (food, beverage, plating concepts). This also includes a ‘test drawing’ to scale using their desired square footage laying out equipment, seating, washrooms to ensure it all fits.

Business Plan

In depth analysis of key objectives, summaries from above two plans, operational analysis, labor analysis, marketing plan highlights, business development strategies, and financial analysis for 5 years. The financial analysis also includes month-by-month P&L for 3 years, a full mock schedule for staffing, a sensitivity analysis, and ideal foot traffic analysis broken down by hour for an entire week.

Menu Development

Using years of expertise, our team will design your take-out, dine-in, catering, late-night, lunch, breakfast, and drink menus etc. A well-executed menu requires an appropriate balance in terms of price, variety and “Wow!” factor. Through our menu engineering efforts, we help you craft a diverse menu that features the right proportion of high and low-cost food items, as well as an equilibrium between trend-forward and classic dishes. ERC has an understanding of consumer menu preferences, from fine dining to fast-casual, and will help you incorporate key dishes and ingredients that will generate new and repeat business. Additionally, through careful menu development, design, layout and product placement, we help you control customer ordering behavior, increasing orders for dishes with the highest profit margins. The end result is a well-balanced, visually compelling and on-trend menu with the right mix of offerings to yield the highest profit for your restaurant. Minimize your food costs. Ensure profitability on your entire menu. Help you run a successful and profitable restaurant.

Food Safety

We can train your kitchen staff in all areas of FOOD SAFETY. It is equally important that your entire staff is aware of the importance of Food Safety…legally, morally, and professionally. Having your core staff fully trained is the first step in avoiding legal and media trouble if there is a chance that your establishment is allegedly responsible for a food poisoning outbreak.


  • We work with passionate Entrepreneurs, to create food, beverage, and lifestyle concepts guided by purpose and hospitality.
  • EPRG works with clients to develop a clear brand strategy for hospitality-driven concepts.
  • We develop concepts that help attract investors, secure a lease, and understand project scope.
  • We create beautiful design packages, including interior design, floor plans, and renderings.
  • A kitchen and its back of house area can represent 30% or more of your total food and beverage investment, it is therefore of vital importance that this is given sufficient attention. The kitchen design is to be user-friendly for your culinary team, financially friendly for your budget and has to comply with the local HACCP legislation.
  • Every chef will tell you that the number one aspect in a smooth-running kitchen is the workflow. A busy kitchen requires detailed organization and discipline. Food is being prepared in a certain flow before it reaches the hot pass for the chef to put the finishing touch.


  • Working with Real Estate Developers, we originate dining & hospitality amenities for new and existing developments.
  • EPRG creates signature restaurant concepts for developers and hoteliers to implement in their properties.
  • We create Food & Beverage concepts that are used to attract new tenants and form new partnerships.
  • We shape new developments, providing guidance on how to add hospitality elements and programming to centers.