The Zebatta’s concept

The Zebatta’s concept was born in order to satisfy more customers’ options, and upscale concept fits a niche between fast food and casual dining–offering the customer the best benefits of both segments.  The company provides the convenience of fast food with rapid response times, affordability, as well as carry-out and home meal replacement options.  The Zebatta’s restaurant also offers a fresher and tastier alternative to typical fast food outlets and we take from formal dinner places the culture and sophisticated way to prepare healthy food as our customers want. “Make to order” The ambiance of Zebatta Healthy Bistro facilities contributes to customers’ desire to eat their meals in a comfortable, healthy environment.

“At Zebatta Healthy Bistro we know that great food can bring people together. Our Zebatta Healthy Bistro is gathering places, where people break the ice together and create a community. Great and healthy food is fuel for the body and mind, as well as the spirit”.

The Business

Our mission is not only to provide excellent, healthy and quality food within a casual atmosphere also is to be one of the best companies within the food sector. We seek to produce financial rewards to our partners as we provide opportunities for growth and life enrichment. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, integrity and passion. 

  • Profitable Business System
  • Extensive Site Selection Program
  • Site Lay Outs and Renderings
  • Training Program and Seminars 
  • Comprehensive Operational Manual 
  • Operational Tools
  • Marketing Catalogue and Marketing Programs (L.S.M)
  • Ongoing technical support and assistance

Our Commitment

Our Zebatta Healthy Bistro’s commitment products are fresh and wherever is possible we choose organic produce and we choose the best our local supplier, and use whole foods as ingredients wherever possible. The authenticity of our ingredients means our food is alive with flavor and nutritional value. Add the passion of our highly trained staff and our products become much more than sustenance. 

Our Service Difference 

At Zebatta Healthy Bistro our products are made in our own kitchens every day. This allows us to completely control and guarantee the highest standards of quality and freshness. 

We believe our customers are entitled to know what they are consuming, and so we keep a complete and current list of ingredients of all Zebatta Healthy Bistro products in restaurant, for staff and customers’ use. So, you can feel good in knowing exactly what you are consuming. 

Our Management Difference 

Zebatta Healthy Bistro management’s vision is simple; we put in practice the philosophy for high standards; we believe and work with our partners in order to reach the main five principal achievements:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Internal Operation
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Employee’s Satisfaction
  • Financial Results

Everything that happens in our restaurants affects the financial results, that why it’s necessary to measure each element in order to manage the financial results.

Customer satisfaction involves being close to them, knows about their necessities and preferences. Evaluate our customer service and products and look forward.

The internal operation is all about our internal process; relationships supplier-owners-managers, which must be documented and aligned in order to satisfy all our customers expectative with quality and efficiency.

“Value – Quality – Cost – Service – Time”

Our Support

Even when we are working hard to have many operational and marketing tools available, we know that each country where we are operating require extra assistance. Therefore our commitment is to provide 24/7 telephone assistance, personal visits and re-train to the entire staff, coaching and training; we care and listen to all ideas.     

Our Communities

We conduct our business to build relationships with our customers, our suppliers, our communities and our franchisees. We believe that a business must be an active participant in its community in every way possible… from buying locally in support of other businesses, and working with local non-profit organizations to support their efforts, to responding to customers’ needs on an individual basis. This philosophy of building relationships guides our day-to-day decisions and interactions.