Casa Maria

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Casa Maria  a real Mexican taco place, a place full of colors, flavors, aromas and millenary tradition.

Casa Maria-Grill is Mexico, it’s a real experience in real Mexican Tacos.

Our tortillas are Hand-made, our salsas are made daily and “molcajeteadas”; as it should be! Our meats are carefully and slowly marinated we leave the meat on its own until it reaches its exact point of maturity and flavor, we cook it in its own juice with herbs & spices following the authentic recipes of Mexican cuisine. We are passionate about using as many organic products as we can, which means we can support the communities where we’ve established trade relations. 

Mexican food is so much more than tacos and Burritos! Mexican food is passion, color, joy; We make beautiful, rich and handcrafted food using only authentic ingredients from mother earth. Food with integrity. Mexican food is about an ancient tradition and authentic culture.